02.13.2007 - 2 Official videos posted:
2 official videos have been posted and are now available for download. "Verdun 1916" (1995) and "The Trial" (2001) were the two first official videos of
the band. Go to
04.16.2007 - "MASTERS OF THRASH" released today :
Our new CD "Masters of Thrash" has been released today. It features 13 cover songs and one original song from the band "La Marcha de los Rebeldes". The
covers are from Slayer, Metallica, Asphyx, Hallows Eve, Death, Motley Crue, Diamond Head, Blitzkrieg, S.O.D., Destruction, Black Sabbath and Nirvana.
For more info on the album go to the
::MASTERS OF THRASH::  section. You can also download our new song in mp3 format  at our  ::MP3::  page.
People interested in buyiny the CD may write to
(All the rights of the artists have been authorized for Colombian territory by their respective rights organizations representing them in Colombia according to
Colombian laws).
11.21.2006 - Neurosis Inc. in "Obituario" Magazine (Perú) :
"Obituario" Magazine from Perú has published a two-page interview with Neurosis Inc. This edition also includes a compilation CD in which Neurosis Inc.
participates with the track "Se Tú Mismo" along with other bands from Germany, Denmark, Argentina, Perú, etc. Special thanks to Juan Carlos Argandoña.
CD Sleeve
Page 1
Page 2
Back Cover
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
11.21.2006 - Neurosis Inc. in  "Viceral Vomit" Zine (Costa Rica) :
"Viceral Vomit" Zine from Costa Rica has published a three-page interview with Neurosis Inc.
Neurosis Inc. invited to perform at the two most important rock/metal open-air festivals in Colombia :
The band has been invited to perform at the 12th open-air festival "Rock al Parque" to be held in Bogotá on October 14th, 15th and 16th. Neurosis Inc. will be
performing at  6:00 P.M. on October 14th at "Lago" stage. This is the biggest open-air festival in Latin America, audiences have reached 90,000 in just one
day. This will be Neurosis Inc.´s 4th appearance at this important festival and has shared stage in the past years with Apocalyptica, Suicidal Tendencies,
Monstrosity and Criminal. The band has also been invited to Medellin´s most important rock/metal festival which will be held on November 4th, 5th and 6th. An
estimated audience of 15.000 per day is expected and Neurosis Inc. will be sharing stage with Masacre and Athanator. One band from abroad has still yet to
be confirmed plus two other bands that will qualify after a knock-out round. Check  
www.rockalparque.gov.co  for more info.
Review of the re-release "Verdun 1916" at DEATHTHRASHER MAGAZINE :
A review on the re-release of the CD "Verdun 1916" has been published at the website of  "DEATHTHRASHER MAGAZINE" from Perú. Some pictures of  Jorge
Mackenzie with the latest issue of the magazine have also been posted for the "Legends" section of the magazine.
Read Review  - "Legends" Gallery
Deaththrasher Magazine
05.26.2007 - Neurosis chosen best metal band in Colombia:
Neurosis has been awarded the "Best Metal Band in Colombia" -Premio Subtérranica 2007 - which is held by this radio station in Colombia. There are 32
categorioes in total involving different genres in rock music. The awards have been held previously 3 times in Central America and now it´s the first
time they were held here in Colombia. Neurosis was elected by the public with 58% of the votes.
08.06.2007 - Release dates for the "Verdun 1916" re-issue:
Metal Till Death Records has announced that the release dates for the "Verdun 1916" re-issue will be September 17th for USA & AMERICA and
September 28th for EUROPE. Pre-orders are being accepted from NOW at ::www.metaltilldeathrecords.com::  All pre-orders will ship prior to the official
street dates both in America and Europe. Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Discovery accepted. Payments through Paypal, money orders, checks
or well-concealed cash are also accepted.
08.08.2007 - Neurosis endorsed by MOSER CUSTOM SHOP GUITARS:
Neurosis has been endorsed by Moser Custom Shop Guitars (California - USA). J.Mackenzie and G. Otero (guitarists of the band) will soon be playing  
these great fine, professional guitars at all shows and recordings. For all the great guitar & bass models visit
::www.mosercustomshop::  or click the
banner at the top of the page. Neurosis is very pleased to become a member of the Moser Custom Shop family and will continue making even better
South American true thrash death metal for you!!
08.13.2007 - Neurosis CD "Masters of Thrash" receives nomination for the "Shock Music Awards":
Neurosis has been nominated with its CD "Masters of Thrash" under the Best "Special Deluxe CD" category at the "Shock Music Awards" in Colombia.
These music awards are the most important in Colombia and have been held for 7 consecutive years. The awards are given out in a special ceremony -
broadcasted live on TV for all the country. The awards will be held on September 20th and voting is under way now. Instructions for voting are in
Spanish (sorry!) but if you wish to try and support the band go
::here::  (In the main menu go to VOTE)
08.17.2007 - "15 Años de Guerra" released in Peru:
Undermetal Records has released  this week "15 Años de Guerra" in cassette format for all Peru. This is the second Neurosis record Undermetal
has released in Peru after "Odas en Concierto" was released in 2006. Check ::www.undermetal-records.net::  for more info and song samples.
13.01.2009 - Big Update:
We have made a big update of the page. We have posted a new video from 2003 at "Rock al Parque" Fest which is the biggest open-air festival in Latin
America. We have  also posted 2 new tracks from the forthcoming live CD entitled "Live Thrash Attack" and which will be released at the beginning of
this year. We have added direct links on the main menu to our myspace page, to our group in facebook and to the "Hammer of Justice" Radio Show
hosted by J.Mackenzie, founder of the band. We have also put all the info on the Tribute CD to Neurosis which was released last year featuring 10
different Colombian bands playing songs from Neurosis. We have posted an interview in English answered by J.Mackenzie (this is in the video
section). We have also updated our endorsers banners - Moser Custom Shop (USA) - Power Click Ear-In Monitor (Brazil) and our new management &
booking agencyStorm Blaze Entertainment.
01.24.2009 - New Track Available:
The track "Afán de Libertad" from the upcoming live album "Live Thrash Attack" is now available only for listening at our  myspace  page.
04.09.2009 - New Pictures Posted:
We have posted 43 new pictures from our last show at the Auditorio Gilberto Alzate Avendaño -  ::View::
04.22.2009 - 2 new live videos posted:
We have posted 2 new live videos filmed on 04.02.2009 in Bogotá D.C. (Colombia). They´re available in mp4 format at the videos page  ::Go::
Subversivos Espirituales
The Dreamer
04.29.2009 - Neurosis donates 20 original artworks to the National Museum of Colombia:
20 original artworks from the band have been donated by Jorge Mackenzie (founder of the band) as a request from the National Musem of
Colombia.These artworks comprehend original pictures and posters from the late 80´s and early 90´s representing the cultural movement in the country.
Join our mailing list at Reverb Nation
12.22.2009 - 9 New Videos Posted:
We have posted 9 new videos available for download. 2 of them belong to the South American Tour 1999 and were filmed in Arequipa (Peru). The other 7
belong to the "Rock al Grano" Fest held in Bogotá D.C. (COL)on November 27th - 2009. The videos ara available for download on the
::Videos:: page.
01.28.2010 - Neurosis on Twitter:
You may now follow us on Twitter  ::Neurosis on Twitter::
01.28.2010 - Check out the Neurosis Channel on Youtube:
We´ve opened our YOUTUBE Channel where we have uploaded several live and official videos from the band. ::Go to the Neurosis Channel::
01.28.2010 - Reverb Nation Profile Updated:
We´ve updated our Reverb Nation Profile - you may check it out at: ::www.reverbnation.com/neurosis::
Neurosis is now #1 on the Colombian Metal Charts among 157 bands and ranks at # 18 on the Global Metal Charts.
02.02.2010 - New Myspace Layout:
We have a new myspace layout. Special thanks to Marcela Escobar. ::Go to Neurosis at Myspace::
05.04.2010 - KRANK AMPS endorses Neurosis:
KRANK AMPS has endorsed Jorge Mackenzie, guitarist and founder of the band. Some of the finest musicians in the world are endorsed by KRANK
AMPS : James Hetfield (Metallica), Jeff Duncan and Phil Sandoval (Armored Saint), Johan Soderbeg and Olavi Mikkonen (Amon Amarth), Greg
Macintosh and Aaron Aedy (Paradise Lost), Wiley Arnett (Sacred Reich) Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Chris Catero (Marty Friedman Band), Steve
Smyth (Nevermore), Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry, Danzig) y Rick Rubin (Producer). Now with KRANK AMPS the band´s sound will be taken to a new
level which will be heard in the next studio album to be recorded this year and live shows from August onwards.
Krank Website : http://www.krankamps.com    Artists : http://www.krankamps.com/artists
Krank Amps
Ver en Espaņol
15 Aņos de Guerra
Verdun 1916
Ver en Espaņol
09.09.2010 - "Verdun 1916" to be published in New Zealand:
Our CD "Verdun 1916" will be re-released in New Zealand on September 30th by  ::Satanica Productions::
09.26.2010 - Jorge Mackenzie assumes vocals in Neurosis:
Jorge Mackenzie, guitarist and founder of the band has assumed vocals in the band.  The band will now definitely return to it´s Thrash roots. We have
uploaded a couple of informal videos at our rehearsal place with this new change. You may watch the videos at our
::Youtube Channel::  ::Facebook Official Page::  ::Reverb Nation::
10.02.2010 - New Video assembling new song "Times of Deceit" :
We have a new video at our rehearsal place assembling "Times of Deceit", one of the band´s new songs which will be featured in our upcoming CD.
::Youtube Channel::  ::Facebook Official Page::  ::Reverb Nation::
10.19.2010 - MCD "The Horror of Chernobyl" to be published on December 1st - 2010:
Our upcoming record will be an MCD Digipack entitled "The Horror of Chernobyl" and it will be released on December 1st - 2010. This MCD features 5
New Studio Tracks (4 in English & 1 in Spanish). Cover artwork by Igor Varavin (Russia), represented by Uwe Luserke. Art Direction by Rainer Kalwitz.
The recording is well underway at Incidental Music Studios in Bogota with the special appearance of Giovanny Roa (drums) and engineered by Carlos
Mejía. The recording will be mastered at Audiovision Studios in Bogotá, Colombia.You may check out a short sample of the opening track "The Horror of
Chernobyl" at our Home page here and at our Reverb Nation Profile Page
Tracklist:   1.The Horror of Chernobyl  2.Times of Deceit  3.Funeral of the Mind  4.Passengers of Time  5.Bastardos del Metal
The Horror of Chernobyl
10.21.2010 - Brad Kole special guest guitarist for the MCD "The Horror of Chernobyl":
Brad Kole, American guitarist and songwriter will be appearing as special guest on the upcoming MCD Digipack "The Horror of Chernobyl" which will
be released on December 1st - 2010. Brad will be recording all the guitar solos of the 5 songs in the MCD. He has recorded 2 solo albums entitled "Thy
Dead Torn Heart" and "The History of Kole" which are available for free download at his webpage
Check out "Illusionary Love" video at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0rmxHGY-WU
We really appreciate Brad´s contribution to Neurosis which will definitely take the guitar solos to another level never heard in the band before.
Welcome aboard metal brother!
BRAD KOLE´S MUSICAL EDUCATION: The University of Arizona - Bachelors of Music in Classical Guitar Performance - Music Theory
Graduate School - Southwest Texas State University - Master of Music Program
http://www.bradkole.com  http://www.myspace.com/bradkole  http://www.reverbnation.com/bradkole
Brad Kole
11.05.2010 - New live videos posted:
We´ve posted some new videos of our show at the  "4ta Versión Recicla por el Rock" in Montenegro (Quindío) on October 31st. The videos are
available at our Youtube Video Channel  
11.26.2010 - 2 New tracks available from the upcoming MCD "The Horror of Chernobyl":
We have posted 2 new tracks that will be included in the upcoming MCD "The Horror of Chernobyl". The album is being recorded at Undersound Music
Studios in Bogotá and it is being engineered by Carlos Mejía. The line-up in this new recording is : Jorge Mackenzie - Vocals, Guitars and Bass /
Giovanny Roa - Drums / Brad Kole (Special Guest Guitarist) - Guitar Solos.
The 2 tracks are entitled "Bastardos del Metal" ("Metal Bastards") and "The Horror of Chernobyl. The songs are availabe at our  
Youtube  channel and
Facebook - Reverb Nation - Myspace - Soundcloud pages.
Radio stations that would like to have the track may e-mail us at  
Neurosis You Tube Channel
Neurosis at Myspace
Official Neurosis Facebook Page
Follow Neurosis on Twitter
Neurosis at Reverb Nation
Neurosis at Last Fm
Neurosis at Soundcloud
Vote for Neurosis
Sign Me To
01.15.2011 - New pictures posted:
We´ve posted pictures from the past show at Santa Rosa de Osos (COL) on 01.15.2011 / Santa Rosa de Osos is located to the north of Medellín and it´s
a 9 hour drive from Bogotá D.C.  
02.08.2011 - Neurosis at "Sign Me To" Roadrunner Records:
We have opened our profile at "Sign Me To" Roadrunner Records where people can vote and rate different bands from all around the world.
In order to vote and rate bands you must first open an account.  
::View Profile::
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02.20.2011 - Guitar Videos Posted:
We have published 3 videos with Jorge playing the guitar for "The Horror of Chernobyl" (2011), "El Paso del Tiempo No Cura" (1995) & "Bautizados en
Rencor" (1992) at our Youtube Video Channel and our Official Facebook Page. More will be posted soon..  
::Watch on Facebook::  ::Watch on Youtube::
03.10.2011 - New Video Microsite:
We have created a new video microsite with all the videos we have available giving easier access to all of them.
::View (opens in a new window)::
03.10.2011 - SANTO ANGELO (Brazil) endorses Neurosis:
SANTO ANGELO from Brazil has endorsed Jorge Mackenzie, guitarist, vocalist and founder of the band. Jorge is now using the Premium Mute Series
which have a 5-year warranty and are enviromentally friendly according to the politics of the company of preserving our planet. The company´s
headquarters are located in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo - Brazil. Kiko Loureiro from Angra is one of the important Brazilian artists also endorsed by
Santo Angelo. Website :
Santo Angelo Website